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Wedding Planning is all about the nuts and bolts of your celebration, creating a firm foundation for a smooth event. With a wealth of experience and our hands wrapped around every logistical detail of your wedding you will be in safe hands!

Detailed run sheets, ceremony rehearsals, cueing of the bridal party, MC, and speeches, as well as managing all set-up and pack-down needs, are just the beginning. We are problem solvers and solution finders by trade.


We’ll be your vendor curator, budget supervisor, fee negotiator, family dynamics mediator, stationery proofreader, favour packager, and more often than not, your listening ear and personal counselor.

Unexpected things can and will happen, however we can help ease this with our experience and a talented bunch of wedding coordinators which means you can sit back and enjoy your wedding day with your best gals and a glass of champagne (Or hard liquor, depending on your taste!)

Our planning and coordination service complements our styling and inventory packages. Instead of liaising with multiple vendors why not cut the stress and let us take care of it all?


For the DIY client. The budget conscious, wedding at a family home location, have an “in-house” venue type of situation. Do it all, right up until the day. Allow us to take it over the finish line, you’ll love the result.


Think of us as your organisation experts. We take care of anything and everything. Run-sheet queens, makeshift DJs, expert candle lights and incredible problem solvers. A flock wedding is a memorable one.

Let us take care of the stress - have us coordinate.


Let us do it all. The visual, the organisational, the in-between. Every single detail from transportation to the DJ after midnight is in our hands. For the busy client, the corporate event, the uninterested (but slightly interested), the international client and the one who trusts the professionals. The all inclusive, the goods.

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